The Macedonia Church

Our Motto
Won to Win

Our Mission
Macedonia exists to win, build and send soul into the world for Christ.

Our Vision
Macedonia Church will be a Christian community within the community that wins souls for Christ by evangelizing the unsaved, builds souls for Christ bye equipping the saved, and sends souls into the world for Christ to empower our community.


Macedonia Church Focus 2013

THEME: Let Him Be Seen In 2013 

SCRIPTURE: "And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” (John 12:32 NIV)


The Historian’s Ministry presents…
Historical Milestones of Macedonia Baptist Church

From 1893 – 2009

On July 3, 1893 under the pastorate of R. B. Williams, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was organized as a little mission located in Murray’s Alley with a membership of ten. After worshipping for a time at a Poplar Street location, the church moved to Sixth Street, formerly Plummer’s Alley where the membership erected a wooden structure as its first church edifice. The first Board of Deacons ordained included brothers Peter Gibson (Chairman), Bird Lyons, Cornelius Milner and Peter Walker.

By 1901 the membership had grown to 200 people making it necessary for the church to relocate again. Moving to 164 Hazel Street, the church erected a huge rock structure. Those persons licensed and/or ordained into the ministry were ministers Lewis B. Battle, Edward Davis, J. W. Ward, J. H. Wimberly, C. H. Frederick, Bryant and James Lee Dudley. Pastor R. B. Williams passed on November 26, 1916 and was interred at St. Rest Cemetery on Thanksgiving Day. The church called J. H. Evans to the pastorate in 1917 and he served untiringly for 10 years. It was during this time in the church’s history the following were named to the Board of Deacons: Wilbur Butler, W. J. Williams, John Herrington, Isreal Young, Willie Carner, Wiley Durham, Sr., Edmond Randall, J. C. Boykins, R. L. Foster, Johnny McGuire, Jim Williams, Dave Jackson, Joe Dunn, Joe Page, Henry Phenizee and Butler Reliford. Minister W. R. Underwood was licensed to preach during this time and in 1927 he served as the acting Pastor until the church called Pastor T. T. Gholston.

Pastor R. H. Williams succeeded Pastor Gholston and served for a brief period until he resigned in 1932 at which time the church called Pastor E. J. Calhoun. Under Pastor Calhoun’s pastorate the church building at 164 Hazel Street was severely damaged in a storm and was subsequently torn down. Late in 1938 the church successfully completed construction and moved into a new edifice. During this time J. W. Ward and Lewis Moore were ordained as ministers. Deacons added were Lige Lowe, James Ivey, Wilburn Henderson, Hezekial Howell, Jim Russell, Otis Pryor and Jerry Adkins. Pastor Calhoun passed on September 2, 1947 and was funeralized at the Macon City Auditorium with thousands in attendance.

Minister M. C. Knowles served as acting pastor until the church called Minister Ellis S. Evans on February 17, 1948. From 1948 to 1970 Pastor Evans’ ministry to the church resulted in a tremendous growth in membership. Ministers licensed and/or ordained under his pastorate were: E. G. Picket, W. C. Alexander, A. R. Wright, and H. Rawls. Deacons added were: Curtis Beard, Ray Bradley, Rufus Clark, David Gibbs, John H. Ford, Johnny Miller, Willie Moreland, James Sherman, George Wilcher, W. C. Alexander, Horace Ashley, Alfred Collins, Clarence Davis, Cullin Flowers, Willie Harris, Elijah Hill, Sam Isom, Joshua Jackson, Jack Lamar, Thomas Marshall and Albert Wood It again became necessary to relocate the church due to its numerical growth. Pastor Evans led the church in the purchase of a four-acre plot on Anthony Road, which had been the site of the old Wheatley School. In December 1970 after 22 years of leadership Pastor Evans resigned leaving the church spiritually and financially sound.

From December 1970 to August 1972 the church was without a pastor. During this time the church led by Deacons George Wilcher, Willie Moreland, John Ford, James Sherman and Hezekiah Howell secured a load and financed the construction of the Anthony Road Sanctuary. The Macedonia family marched into that facility on June 18, 1972 with four members of the original church in attendance. They were Sisters Anne B. Walker, Carrie Clayborne, Ellen Butler and Mae Lizzie Moreland.

In the summer of 1972 Macedonia was in need of pastoral leadership, the church extended the pastoral invitation to Eddie D. Smith, Sr., a teacher and media specialist with the Bibb County Board of Education. After giving up his teaching career, Pastor Smith on August 6, 1972 preaching from the subject “I Am Sent Me” accepted the full time pastorate of Macedonia Baptist Church. Pastor Smith is truly the man sent by God to Macedonia. His pastorate to date has been the trademark of one anointed. Pastor Smith teaches and preaches the gospel of peace and brings glad tidings of great things.

Pastor has endured affliction, ridicule and persecution; not with a spirit of fear but with power, love and sound mind, making full proof of his ministry to God, the church and the community. The biblical eloquence and truth of his sermons has captivated and affected the daily lives of not only the members of Macedonia but the thousands who see and hear him weekly over our television and radio broadcasts.

It is now apparent that God’s will is for Pastor Smith to continue to lead Macedonia. The Prayers and visions of Pastor Smith have enabled Macedonia to provide a vast number of ministries, activities and opportunities for the congregation and community.

Each Sunday Macedonia provides:
Early Morning Praise @ 7:25 AM
Bible School @ 8:45 AM
Mid-Morning Praise begins @ 10:00 am


Each First Sunday: Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

Each Wednesday Macedonia provides:

  • Noon Day Prayer & Bible Study.
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study.

OutReach Services are provided

  • Macedonia is available to our listening audience on Sunday @ 7:30A.M. & 10:00 A.M. on WPGA 980 / WNEX 1400 & FM 100.5 and on WQMJ FM 100.1 @ 11:00 A.M.

AND Macedonia is available for viewing

  • On Sunday at 7:30 A.M on WPGA channel 6
  • On channel 7 WGNM Macedonia airs on Wednesdays at 12:30 P.M., Thursdays at 4:00 A.M., Fridays at 7:00 PM, and Saturdays at 11:00 AM.
  • Macedonia is located on the web @ and all services are available through the Media Ministry on DVD and CDs.
  • A LIVE Video Stream of Macedonia's 10:00 AM Worship Service is available by clicking on the "View Us LIVE" button on the main page of the Macedonia Website

Macedonia has a full-time Office Team and Custodial, Grounds Crew and Music Personnel:

Minister Carlton Johnson: Servant Leader of Christian Education 
Bernard Simmons: Chief Operating Officer 
Yolanda Dotson: Chief Financial Officer
Gloria Lowder: Office Clerk
Sister Ruby Roberts: Administrative Assistant
Richard Cole III: Custodian
Anthony Allen: Grounds
Kelvin Ervin: Computer & Network Technician
Margaret Williams: Family Counselor                                                                                                        Richard Hunt: Minister of Music

Nikki Brown: Servant Leader of Youth  

  • Church office hours are maintained Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.
  • Family counseling is provided by appointment.
  • Each year Macedonia provides a Church Directory.

Weekly Activities include:
Arts & Crafts
Teachers’ Council
Musician, Praise and Adult Choir preparation.

Monthly Meetings are:
Adult and Youth Ushers, Evangelism, The Missions Ministry, Pastor’s Special Fellowship, Christian Education Marriage Enrichment and the Women’s Ministry.

Bi-Monthly Meetings are:
Intercessory Prayer, Healing & Deliverance and Cub & Boy Scouts.
Each quarter the Family Life Ministry Leaders meet and the Ministers’ class is conducted.

Licensing, ordaining and/or authorizing the following ministers were under the leadership of Pastor Smith and seventeen of which are now pastors or have pastured. E. G. Pickett, Rufus Clark, John W. Carner, Nathaniel Hudson, Frank Ray, James Sherman, Lester Long, James Herring, Elvoid Haywood, Lester Ward, S. M. Dixon, Jeffrey Lawrence, Richard Reeves, Jr., Stanley Winfield, Michael Womack, Jesse Barnes, Jr., Eddie D. Smith, Jr., Reuben Davis, Troy Young, Debra Singleton, Mary Whitfield, John Ford, Joseph Lowe, Gregory McClendon, Gilbert Graham, William Brown, Rose Merry Jordan, Ellen Miller, Nathan Amest, Harold Wynn, Kenneth Scriven, Billy Abney, Jarvis Denmark, Cathy Denson, Carol Bibbs, Latrece Moore, Ronald Bonds, Sr., and Bobby Clark

Pastor Smith also appointed the following deacons: John Carner, Lester Long, Wesley Ross, Richard Reeves, Eugene Lewis, Larry Tillman, Bobby Clark, Willie Hill, Fiske Johnson, Louis White, Harold Wynn, Milton Bivins, Clarence Carner, Ralph Goodwyn, Edwin Thomas, Arthur Wynn, Ephariam Peek, Rickey Fair, Troy Young, Ronald Bonds, Curtis Fair, Tony Fair, Joe Green, Thomas Griggs, Howard Harper, Moses Jackson, Willie James, Larry Reynolds, Ralph Crook, Johnest Straws, Preston Thomas, Sam Isom and James King.

Under Pastor’s Smith Leadership the Family Life Ministry Leaders were established: the Isaiah Family (Johnest & Eileen Straws); the Jeremiah Family (Milton and Snester Bivins); the Ezekiel Family (Larry & Ouida Reynolds); the Daniel Family (Harold & Gloria Mason) the Hosea Family (Ernest & Ruby Roberts); the Joel Family (Solomon & Gloria Mims); the Jonah Family (James & Azelene Tunstell); the Micah Family (Minister Debra Singleton and Vivian Branch); and the Haggai Family (Willie & Oggie James)….

Macedonia was incorporated on December 2, 1977.

In May of 1999 ownership was acquired of this property at 600 Eisenhower and we marched from the Anthony Road facility on June 26, 1999 and held the dedication on the 106th church anniversary.

On August 19, 2006 at 9:30 A.M. we entered into this beautiful, state of the art, enlarged, renovated and marvelous worship center.

The proscriptions of 250 years of slavery, followed by another hundred years of Jim Crow segregation, permitted the Black Church to become a stable, cohesive and independent social institution. As a consequence, the church has carried burdens and performed roles and functions beyond its boundaries of spiritual nurture to include politics, economics, education, music, culture and wellness. Nothing is more important than understanding the nature and mission of the Church….Nothing is more crucial than participating in it…..and no one helps you grasp God’s vision for Church like Eddie D. Smith, Sr.

Our church is nothing less than a little piece of heaven, hear on earth. When Jesus said. “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” He was referring to the church as the place where that happens---a place where love rules. And the Lord reigns.
Worship is an encounter with the living and holy God
Worship is reserved for God alone
In worship, we ascribe to the Lord the glory due to him
We can worship because of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf
We should worship with reverence for God
When we draw near to God, He draws near to us